Year-end fundraising appeal for the Charleston Concert Association (click on image to enlarge)


Pro Bono Fundraising Appeals for Small Nonprofit Organizations

Occasionally I volunteer to write and design fundraising appeals for nonprofit organizations that might otherwise do it less effectively on their own. Or worse, hire outsiders whose fees rival the money they raise. 

The pro bono appeals I create can be direct mail or email, print ads or online campaigns. And they are provided in a way that teaches the basics of good fundraising copy so that the small nonprofits I assist can move forward with a bit more money and the skills necessary to raise even more without me.

In general, I am happy to help all kinds of groups located anywhere in the United States, but my bias favors local over national, small over large, and direct over umbrella charities.

If I can contribute to your organization in this way, please don’t hesitate to contact me — with the understanding my availability as a “One Man Foundation” is necessarily time limited.

—Richard Riccelli



“Richard, I was just talking about you yesterday.
That letter has now generated over $58K – an all-time high for the CCA!”

Carolyn Lackey, Grants Coordinator for the Charleston Concert Association



“Hi Richard, I hope you had a great holiday.
I just wanted you to let you know that our Fall Appeal has raised $18,902!!!
This tripled our most successful appeal and quadrupled last year’s. Thanks!”

Brittany Darwin, Director of Development, American College of the Building Arts