Museum America launched at AAM 2016 | Washington, DC


It’s the new magazine of art, science, history, and culture that gives readers membership privileges at humdreds of museums.

Think “National Geographic for the world of museums.”

A high-quality quarterly for an audience that drives a $698 billion marketplace.

100+ pages. Spectacular art and photography. Stunning design. Amazing stories. Prestige audience.

You get the idea.

After all, we’re talking the world of museums. Civilization’s pinnacle achievements. Brilliant, genius, travel-a-thousand-miles-to-see stuff.

So popular, museums attract more visitors each year than all the fans attending games of baseball and football and basketball. Combined. 

Museum America captures that excitement in a truly remarkable magazine like no other. 

$10 a copy. $25 a year. Delivered to 25,000 guaranteed qualified readers.

Love museums? Join us!