It’s the new magazine of art, science, history, and culture that gives readers instant membership privileges at hundreds of museums.

Think “National Geographic for the world of museums.”

A high-quality quarterly for an audience that drives a $698 billion marketplace.

100+ pages of spectacular art. Stunning photography. Amazing stories. Delivered in print, online, at events.

You get the idea.

After all, we’re talking the world of museums. Civilization’s pinnacle achievements. Brilliant, genius, travel-a-thousand-miles-to-see stuff.

So popular, museums attract more visitors each year than all the fans attending games of baseball and football and basketball. Combined. 

Museum America captures that excitement in a truly rewarding magazine like no other. 

$10 a copy. $25 a year. Created for an intelligent and engaged audience of 25,000 readers.

Love museums? Discover Museum America and join us!


Museum America launched at AAM 2016 | Washington, DC
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