RICHARD RICCELLI   Copywriter / Graphic Designer / Creative Director — and Publisher of   Museum America

Copywriter / Graphic Designer / Creative Director —
and Publisher of
Museum America


I’M A COPYWRITER, graphic designer, and creative director specializing in direct response advertising for subscription marketers.

MOST RECENTLY, I’ve become my own client as the publisher of Museum America, the new magazine of art, science, history & culture. And as caretaker of First Deliverance, a former black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

MY CAREER STARTED AT OGILVY in New York and it has taken me to Bozell in Minneapolis, BBDO in Boston, and it was there I set out on my own.

OWING TO EXTRAORDINARY CLIENTS affording me phenomenal opportunities, I’ve mastered the secrets of successful subscription marketing:

  • How to launch a new title. Beat a control. Reverse circulation losses.

  • How to engineer search marketing. Email campaigns. Landing pages.

  • How to turn sample issues into paid subscribers with cover wraps.

  • How to develop new business from websites, blogs, and social media.

  • How to persuade print readers to adopt paperless editions.

  • How to capture renewals early and payments quickly.

  • How to gain referrals and pass-along orders.

  • How to target, test, and build audiences for live events and online catalogs and site licenses and job listings and webinars and…

WITH EACH ASSIGNMENT I learned new lessons and gained deeper insights into what works — why — and how to do it well. In media ranging from direct mail to cloud video. For consumer, business, professional, and special-interest publications throughout the United States and around the world.

A CONTINUING EDUCATION that began at Kent State University where I earned a degree in journalism. For a career that has brought me to Charleston, South Carolina where I live and work today. On a path I hope leads next to you.

WHAT CAN I CREATE FOR YOU? Now — while I am just a click away — take this opportunity to contact me. Let’s develop some new ideas in circulation for your subscription marketing success.